Happy Monday.

you're twistin' my melon, man! you know you talk so hip, man, you're twistin' my melon, man!

it's a slow day here. last night i saw fit to have one too many cups of Arabic coffee (with cardamom in) which resulted in a night of rather fitful sleep. now that that's out of my system (thankfully,) have a picture of a sock-in-progress:

this is the first of the Queen of Cups socks, and this picture was taken a couple of days ago. since then, the sock may have grown about an inch (maybe two?) longer. the yarn is knitpicks' Essential Tweed in Inca Gold, which was chosen mainly because it's the last solid-colour sock yarn in the stash. while i love the deep gold of the yarn i can't say that i'm a fan of the colours they've chosen for the tweedy bits. don't get me started on the way that the bits hang out of the yarn so that it looks like you rolled/stepped in a pile of red, yellow and blue lint. in fact, the only upside to this is that it makes the tweedy bits easy to remove.

this all bears witness to the special lengths to which i will go to use up longtime stash-dwellers. i sat there like a vain chicken and preened that poor yarn until the more offensive bits grew into an ugly, fluffy and disturbingly substantial pile. my reward for these hours of toil is a much more attractive, deep gold sock with subtle bits in. mind you, i'm not looking forward to doing the same will ball of yarn no. 2, but we do what we must. onward!


Adriana said...

The sock looks great! Those tweedy bits sound like a real pain but I'm sure you're much happier with this result. Can't wait to see it finished!

Heather G. said...

That is some pretty serious dedication to your socks!

Lovely pattern, though! Nicely done!