To plan a mitten.

mitten planning is officially in the Early Stages. basically i'm trying to get the mitten's decoration to tell a story that makes some kind of sense (to me, if not anyone else.) the colours can be tweaked as i go; they're fun to play with and besides, i have a general idea. i'm also not too concerned about gauge--the number of stitches in the motifs will tell me whether i should use US 0's or bump it up to US 1's.

so after sifting through endless mittens and motifs and more mittens and more motifs i've done some piecing together and (while still mostly ignoring numbers at this point) have come up with two directions that the mitten can take:

1. the crazy-go-nuts all-out Jane-does-it-up-right Latvian influenced extravaganza (borders! patterns! hyphens!!) or

2. the slightly more sedate, much less tweaked (but you probably won't see much difference, really,) most likely more Latvian option.

here, this might make more sense. have a look at my knitting notebook:

ok, first off, ignore the colours. that's the palette from my last post at the top left. option no. 1 is the more-organized looking sequence of patterns on the right hand page, and option no. 2 is the similar looking sequence on the opposite side. don't feel bad if they look more or less the same (one might note that no 2. has more negative space, but who's counting?) as for actually choosing between the two...yep, i'm undecided. i figure that one will grow on me sooner or later. now i'm just hoping that i'll be able to crunch those numbers into submission--messing with spaces and hiding odd stitches in the join ought to do it. fingers crossed!


Heather G. said...

My eyes are crossing just thinking about it.

I say go nuts with it... you aren't using traditional colours, so why worry about being rigidly traditional with the pattern?

spillyjane said...

it's true, and that's what i was thinking. i was just being a little wary of ending up with a folk art eyesore (though i am increasingly doubtful that there is any such thing) on my hands (literally.)

now i'm tempted to squeeze in a few more motifs. if i keep it up the cuffs will go up to my elbows. :P

Adriana said...

I agree with Heather that you should just have fun with it. It's not like there are any rules that you must follow. If you're feeling inspired, then do what seems right!

(P.S. Why did you email my hotmail account?)