Snagglin' Socks, FO.

Yarn: Sock It To Me Colori, Koigu KPPPM
Needles: KnitPicks dpns, US 2
Pattern: my Plain Vanilla sock recipe, NOW featuring a short row heel, still featuring a wedge toe
Started: 14 April 2007
Finished: 2 May 2007

Notes: these socks feature my first serious attempt at short row heels, which are also consequently my best short row heels. i seriously doubt that i will ever go back to using the heel flap method unless a pattern calls for it (or i'm just really in the mood. strangely, suddenly using the heel flap as a blank canvas for complex colourwork/texture seems really, really appealing--i suppose the grass is always greener.)

this is also the first pair of striped socks i've ever made, and as such features my first shot at jogless rounds. the latter ended up looking pretty good, but the former...let's just say i have to get around learning to weave in ends as i go.

Fun Fact: these socks gave me the chance to dip into my collection of Koigu KPPPM snagglins lurking in my stash AND gave me the chance to do away with an odd ball of standard superwash sock yarn (left over from another koigu/superwash colourwork experiment.) i love having the chance to use up otherwise odd bits of yarn and turn them into something useful and beautiful in the process. Koigu KPPPM is far too pretty to languish in a box in the closet!


Adriana said...

The socks look so cute! I love how identical they are.

spillyjane said...

yes, the sheer identicality could very well be a first for me and my sox-periments.