After Clue 2.

here's the Mystery Stole in its current incarnation--i just polished off the second Clue! i'm sitting at the end of row 150 which means i'm also finally caught up for when Clue 3 is released this Friday! finishing two Clues in less than a week gives me hope that i'll be able to knit other things comfortably while still working on this stole.

another not-so-hot early evening window-shot of a stole that's becoming increasingly difficult to document:

the more i look at that central motif the more i see a spider (or at least some sort of insect.) the webby bits above the diagonal lines only seem to confirm my hypothesis, but i could be seeing what i want to see right now. fingers crossed that the Mystery Theme has something to do with Arachne, spiders and spinning. it's just a guess!


Adriana said...

Yummers! I do love that pattern.

I don't think we've ever knit something at the same time as each other before. This is fun! It's like a team sport :)

Anonymous said...

WOW, you're already done with clue #2 and with time to spare, you go girl!! I think I'm only at row 60 or so on clue #1. I'm with you, I think it's going to be a spider, which is cool for me, but I was thinking this could be a Christmas gift for my grandmother.....but not if it is a big fat spider, don't want to give the woman a heart attack.