What rut?

So much for that rut I was talking about -- these days the inspiration is overwhelming. Suddenly I find myself with not one but two new sock patterns in the works, mittens nipping at my heels and the urge to knit something large and full of holes becoming an almost all-consuming need.

On top of all this, last night found me gathering the rest of my handspun and busily turning other singles into usable yarns. I spent most of today spinning, plying and setting the twist of the last yarns to ensure that I have more than 100g of the stuff ready to go.

It seems another spindle sock is on the way!


Heather G. said...

You are on FIRE!

They had fancy scales on sale on Bloor Street today, but still too pricey for my thrifty soul. I remain on the lookout!

Adriana said...

Yay for spindle socks! Your last ones were so pretty. I look forward to seeing these.