Everything That Happens Will Happen Today

Mainly because because I love both David Byrne and Brian Eno, and just because I can, here's Everything That Happens Will Happen Today, their most recent offering in it's glorious, streaming entirety.

Did you catch the two Simon and Garfunkel references in the first track?

The new record is amazing, and I've already got my tickets lined up to see David Byrne play Ann Arbor, MI this October. This tour is going to be extra special, since he's only touring the songs that he and Brian Eno have collaborated on. So yes, this means my three favourite Talking Heads records, More Songs About Buildings and Food, Fear of Music, and Remain in Light will receive pride of place! No, Mr. Eno will not be in attendance, much to my chagrin. I will just have to make do with the inimitable Mr. Byrne. The punishment, as they say, is not too bad.

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Adriana said...

That looks like fun! I'm sure you'll have a blast.