Socks...with a name

I wasn't expecting the impromptu sock-naming contest in response to my last post, but I'm kind of glad that it happened. Thanks so much to everyone who made suggestions! As you can see, the sock is finished:...and I'm pleased to report that it does now have a name. The (impromptu) winner is Ruth, who suggested the name "Pizzelle." (And before I forget, Ruth, please allow me to present you with a complimentary copy of the pattern once it is released. Just let me know where to send it.)

This name struck me as being particularly apt as the flowers on the sock look strikingly similar to those on the cookies. Also, this allows me to now have two patterns named after European desserts (the other being Bavarois.) I sense a trend happening here.

Regardless, you can check out Pizzelle (and Bavarois, too) on Ravelry, if you so choose. Expect the pattern to be out before the holidays.

And, oh, wait til you see the new mittens that are on the way. I do hope you'll like them.

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Adriana said...

Good call on the name for the socks. It's perfect!