Prickly Thistle Mitten pattern now available

News that just might make your Sunday morning: The Prickly Thistle Mitten pattern is now available for purchase.

Photo courtesy of MacKintosh Yarns

Since the pattern was commissioned by MacKintosh Yarns, it is available exclusively through their website. You can pick up the pattern in both print and .pdf form right over here. I believe that there was also some talk of it being offered as part of a kit, but I'll have to get that confirmed before I make any kind of official announcement.

In the meantime, enjoy the mittens, and the remaining two months of winter we're currently facing (as if I need to remind me of that.)


Kort og Søm said...

Gorgeous mittens!!
Fredrikke :o)

Adriana said...

So pretty!!

Erin Wallace said...

Oh, I love these. I am so taken with the thistle motif that I might just go and buy the pattern! Good day!

Karen said...

Very beautiful mitten. Thanks for the link, Jane!