No pressure, really.

I'm operating under something of a fairly strict Knitting Deadline but I just had to post these before I, erm, post these. Their ultimate destination is the Antique Beat Boutique, which is a lovely place run by lovely people where lots of lovely things end up.These are the Clerkenwell socks, size Women's Medium, in the alternate blue colourway (which I'm really starting to warm up to.) I love these socks and since they're in my size (and impossibly comfortable) I'm finding it especially difficult to say goodbye. But part we must. Perhaps you might like them to join you where you live? That can be arranged!

I should also mention that another pair of Clerkenwell socks, size Men's Large, in the original River Fleet-green colourway will be these ladysocks' Travelling Companions. I'll let you know once they arrive.

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