Shetland Triangle, FO.

Yarn: JaggerSpun Zephyr Wool-Silk in Cinnabar, one skein
Needles: Clover Takumi Bamboo circs, US 6, 32"
Pattern: Shetland Triangle by Evelyn A. Clark from Wrap Style
Started: 3 Janaury, 2007
Finished: 23 January 2007

Notes: my first shawl and the largest lace item i've made to date. during this project i learned how to wrangle missed and/or added yarnovers from several rows away without ripping back.

Fun Fact: no lifelines were used in the production of this shawl!


Heather G. said...

Love those pointy edges!!

You did a lovely job. A sweater next?

Adriana said...

Copy cat with the window picturs!! (Of course, I copied you in the first place :P)

It looks amazing! I can't believe you didn't use lifelines! You clearly like living dangerously :D

What's next on the needles?

crafty_kat said...

holy life lines? At all? Hats off to you, lady

crafty_kat said...

by the way, it's naelany, from LJ (yes, I have come over to the "dark side", as a friend of mine called it ^_~

spillyjane said...

heather: thanks! the only sweater i have all the stuff for at present is Sweet Mary Jane. now that would be the first sweater to end all first sweaters! :P

adriana: pffbbtt to you lady! :P
thanks so much! you know i'm all about the dangerous livin'. mostly i don't use them because i can't be bothered to run them through all the time. that, and they just don't seem to help me.

craft_kat: nice to see you here! i haven't used lifelines in a long time. i'm just really careful with my work.