Shetland Triangle, pre-blocked and faux-blocked.

just a quick post, since i'm on the move and i know you love pictures of unblocked lace. i finally finished the Shetland Triangle the other night! binding off seemed to take forever, but soon i found myself face to face with this:

which doesn't look like much, really. it was only when i got creative and started stretching it a bit (faux-blocking, anyone?) that i ended up with this:

which is a marginally closer to what the actual shawl will look like after its bath.

finally, here's a detail of the lace, so far:

stay tuned for blocking and post-blocking pictures!


Adriana said...

Pretty pretty!! It looks lovely faux blocked. I can't wait to see it really blocked! Did you follow the number of repeats in the pattern or did you go until you ran low on yarn?

spillyjane said...

thanks lady! i wasn't sure if faux-blocking was cheating, but i couldn't resist. i didn't make any changes to the pattern so i ended up with a good deal of yarn left over--which is no big deal, really. i'll either knit it into a mesh scarf or some lacy trim for one of my bags.

Heather G. said...

Whew! I love the transformation of lace. I hope you have a LOT of pins!

spillyjane said...

i do have a lot of pins, thankfully. between that and the Russian blocking the shawl should open up nicely.