Owlmittens (and Quo Vadis)

The Quo Vadis mittens are done:Yep, all done. And the pattern will be out any day now (tomorrow? There's a good chance!) The best part? Quo Vadis is my gift to all you lovely knitters for the upcoming holiday season, so it's going to be a freebie. Everybody loves a freebie!

And the Owlmittens aren't that far behind:I'll be polishing these off tomorrow. The pattern shouldn't be too much longer, either, and it will also include instructions for making them as fingerless mittens.

It never ends -- no, really, it doesn't.


Adriana said...

OWL OWL OWL!!! They are sooooo cute!

yarndancer said...

OWLS!!! I love them! Can't wait for the pattern!

MTB said...

Gorgeous! I love them both.

Lagaelle said...

I LOVE those! They are exactly what i was looking for!
I'll be waiting for the pattern! Could you tell me when it's ready? at gaellelalonde -at- gmail.com?