A quick one

Just so you nice people can't accuse me of keeping things secret, this is what I did today:I'm not even making that up -- I did all of this today. Usually I split the mittening up over a two- or even three-day stretch, but I just felt like working so I went with it. But I digress.

The astute among you may have noticed that this is the mitteny equivalent of the ROBOSOCKS. These are, indeed, the ROBOMITTS -- and yes, those are Pink Robots, for those of you familiar with the song. I had the chance to see The Flaming Lips a few years ago (in Detroit, as usual,) and it was (as promised!) an Epic Experience.


Marie-Jolie said...

Oh goodness, I love it! And I love it when I have a super productive knitting day--always makes me happy. However, lately life keeps interrupting my knitting and so my days are less productive lately than I would like. I'm hoping to have OODLES of time to knit next week while I'm sitting at the airport and riding a super long flight to Paris. :)


Adriana said...

So cute!!

Anonymous said...

Robots AND owls!?
Be still my heart! Another item (or 2) for my post-Christmas knitting list!