Clerkenwell socks pattern now available

A couple of weeks ago I announced that I had finished knitting the Clerkenwell socks. Allow me to elaborate on that announcement with the happy news that the pattern is now available.
To get your own copy you can click that wee button up there, find it here on Ravelry, or watch for it to appear very soon in my Etsy shop.

If you're looking for something a little more instant-gratification, I am pleased to announce that a limited number of pairs of Clerkenwell socks (in men's sizes, handknit by me, of course,) will be turning up in the Antique Beat Boutique relatively soon.

Speaking of which, you may recall that several pairs of my L'Amour et la Morte socks took up residence there last year. Well, the Antique Beat Boutique is now offering those actual pairs of socks (in both Men's and Women's sizes) bundled with The Real Tuesday Weld's magnificent album The Return of The Clerkenwell Kid for only £25.00.There's only a couple of these bundles to be had, so grab them while you can.

Now I'm off to tangle with a sweater.


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