I'm really enjoying all this making...I had forgotten how satisfying it can be.This is the leaf fob from my Magic Treetop Bag (another fab-tastic tinyowlknits pattern,) which is part of my Queen of The Wild Things costume. I love it to teeny tiny pieces. This totally handmade, crazily-detailed costume is really starting to come together.

The best part? All the yarns and bits and bobs that I've used have all come from my ample bead/bell/fabric/ribbon/yarn stashes, respectively. This makes me feel really good -- that I have such useful and attractive stashes; that I'm able to take a bite out of them to a productive end; that I haven't lost my touch.

Of course, then I start getting concerned -- wondering, idly, just how much stuff I've picked up these past five years in order to be able to put an entirely handmade, crazily-detailed costume just from things around the house. Perhaps it's best not to pursue that thought too much. The important part is that disparate things are coming together and being turned into beautiful and useful things (thank you, Mr. Morris,) and that makes me happy.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I've got a crown to knit.

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