This is what happens when two squirrel-ophiles - namely myself and Tina, of Blue Moon Fiber Arts - put their heads together.

Mittens with squirrels on - squirrels who are mad for each other's nuts. They are nearly finished.I can't look at these ones without giggling.

Now, of course, the big question remains: will the Yarn Harlot ever speak to either of us again?

Jane v. the Petoskey stone

It only took a day for my incipient Petoskey stone-love to grow into an all out Petoskey stone-OBSESSION. Shocking, I know - totally out of character for me, yes?

Petoskey stone-acquisition occurred a mere day later, at an odd little rock shop fittingly located in Ypsilanti, MI. After all, the Petoskey stone is Michigan's official state stone.I am quite taken with my little piece of the Devonian period. I can only hope that I look as good on my 350 millionth birthday.

It is on

Fresh this morning - three fine sunflowers (Helianthus annuus 'Golden Hedge') from the back garden, saved from the forces of Squirrelery.I was not going to let these beauties meet the same end that befell the first two unfortunate blooms.Normally Jane-squirrel relations are amicable - loving, even. I don't even have a problem with sharing what I grow with the local fauna - just ask the juvenile robins who have been enjoying the complimentary grape-buffet out back.But messing with my golden lovelies before they go to seed? Leaving the be-nibbled flowerheads under the maple for me to find them? THINK TWICE, YOU BUSHY-TAILED RATS.

Workitty workWORKwork

Am currently up in my studio, hard at work. As you can see, my taskmasters are merciless - their unblinking, collective gaze bears no pity for shirkers. I fear I am outnumbered and must comply.Back to it - more, soon.