It was ten years ago today that I woke up on my own in another city for the first time.Many things have happened since then. I learned how to knit, for one.And now I've been and done and felt and had. Met and said and seen and went.Onward and upward.

As for the future...the Gnome Socks' pattern will be out this week.

Gnome socks: first look

The Gnome Socks are happily tripping along,
but I fear if I don't make these wonderfully cozy knee socksout of this deliciously rustic wool/llama blendI fear I may very well perish (or something close to it.)

Schnecken = Snail Mittens!

Some people despise snails in their gardens, but I just love the little guys! It turns out that a having a pretty shell is all it takes to improve one's PR.

I give you Schnecken -- mittens with snails on:These mittens feature six of my favourite gastropods snailin’ it up in the garden. Perfect for those winter days when the garden is just a fond memory and the snails are snuggled down under their leaf-litter duvets, waiting for spring. Grab the pattern here, on Ravelry.
Now I find I'm feeling a distinct sense of freedom, which couldn't be further from the truth (at least as far as my knitting is concerned.) I have some gnomes to see to...and a few other tricks as well.

Miss August (that's me)

Steven of Bitches Get Stitches fame interviewed me recently as part of his ongoing Project Ten where he interviews various independent designers.

Check it out here.

Still crawlin' along

With any luck, the Schnecken mittens' pattern will be released tomorrow (Almost typed "demain." That happens sometimes.)Keep those fingers crossed!

And after that, it's full speed ahead with those Gnome Socks:
(...and Clerkenwell.)

A better view...

...of the snails, that is.As tinyowlknits would put it, "these snails are just crawlin' along."

Regardless, watch for the new mitten pattern soon.

Snails on my mittens

Oh, things are afoot here at Pittsworth Manor. Just look at what happened (and will continue to happen) today:More mittens -- this time with snails on. Schnecke clearly approves.

As for me, I'm just in love with the colours..and the yarn. Again I'm using Sunday Knits' yarns -- the blue is 3-ply Eden in Aqua, the grey is 3-ply Brigadoon in Stone and the brown is 3-ply Angelic in Nut.

And then I started thinking...where have I seen these colours before? As in, lately? At which point it occurred to me that once again I'm being unconsciously influenced by my surroundings. Observe:These two Pewabic Pottery mugs are among some of my recent acquisitions, and we are inseparable. They are the epitome of Arts and Crafts -- both beautiful and functional -- and also (for me) wonderfully local. I can't wait to inflict my new quince green tea upon them -- I'm sure they'll understand.

Flamingo Mittens

You may have heard this already, but if it is: the Flamingo Mittens' pattern is now available. Please note that the pattern also includes instructions on how to make fingerless Flamingo mitts as well.

The yarns I used here are from Sunday Knits. The Main Colour is the 3-ply Eden in Pickle and the Contrast Colour is the 3-ply Angelic in Peach. Believe me when I say that the colours are even more delicious in person.

You can pick it up here on Ravelry, and (eventually) in my Etsy shop (soon.)Yes, these mittens feature everyone's favourite long-legged, lawn-dwelling, plastic-feathered friend, the ornamental flamingo. Fun, kitschy, vintage-inspired handwear for the upcoming winter (seriously, the whole time I was reminded of my grandmother's Corelle dishes.)

Chicago: by threes

Yesterday I returned from my third three-day trip to Chicago in nine (3x3) months. Such auspicious numbers could only add up to a fabulous time and sure enough the universe smiled upon me. It was a lovely visit.

I now offer you nine select images of this most recent trip. Hopefully this will make up for the pictures that I didn't take the last time.

Left to right: Marina City; 330 North Wabash; Trump International Hotel and Tower Chicago as seen from the River.

My feet standing on one of the handful of remaining wood block alleys that date from the mid-nineteenth century. Count those tree rings!

My knitting-bedecked room (Room 810) at the Hotel Indigo Chicago. Yes, I squealed when I saw it.

Vintage signage at Wrigley Field.

A view of the gorgeous, gorgeous, Carbide & Carbon Building, now the Hard Rock Hotel Chicago.

Lunch at Sheffield's. This shot reminds me of a Van Gogh cafe scene (I suspect it's the lights and the server's pose.)

Breakfast at Elly's Pancake House, fine purveyors of such delights as black cherry blintzes (which are wonderful,) at all hours of the day and night. I love the decor to distraction (and back.)

And finally, two details of Florine Stettheimer's fantastic Portrait of Virgil Thomson, which is simply amazing to experience in person. I could've stared at it for the better part of the afternoon. Alas, my attentions were required elsewhere.

While away, I did manage to sneak in some knitting time, and I have a nearly-completed Flamingo mitten to show for it. Expect the pattern soon.

Kitsch this

And now for something...kitschy:It's a plastic flamingo/mitten mashup, as overseen by Schnecke. Expect the pattern within the week.

First it was (and still is) gnomes, and now plastic flamingos? I must have a subconscious affinity for lawn ornaments.


I was at home this morning, happily spending some quality time with no less than three new socks/mittens (left to right, that's the Gnome socks, the Flamittens and Clerkenwell,)when a mail carrier knocked on my door and handed me an oversized parcel from Knit Picks. I assumed that this must be the book and needles that I had recently ordered from them, but...well, isn't this box a little too large for just one book? Hmmm...

It turns out I was right to doubt the contents of the package, because I was hardly expecting to open it to find this:Samples of each new Fall 2010 colourway of Knit Picks Palette to play with! Let me tell you, the new colours are gorgeous!

I hardly knew what to make of it! Neither did Bubo...and Schnecke (have you met Schnecke yet?) was overwhelmed, to say the least!It is all so lovely and the fact that it was a surprise makes it doubly so. Thank you so, so much, Kelley and Stacey! I will definitely put the yarn to good use.

Strawberry Socks are out!

It's all true:There are socks, they have strawberries on them, and you can now make a pair of your very own! Get it here on Ravelry, and expect it to turn up in my Etsy shop sooner or later (the ol' Etsy shop is long overdue for a massive re-stocking.)

As the construction is simple and so is the strawberry motif, these socks would be a good first project for someone who is new to colourwork and/or fancy socks.

And now I'm off to work on some Gnome socks, and some Clerkenwell socks, and yet another pair of socks. Oh, and NEW mittens -- wait 'til you see THEM. This is multi-tasking at its finest.

I leave you with what I'm sure will be the first of several What-I-Did-On-(one of)-My-Summer-Vacations photo-tidbits. This is the mug that haunted me in NYC each day as I enjoyed my tea at Birch Coffee: Not exactly the piece of china that one would like to be greeted by each morning after one had recently heard the story of Lucy, as I had.