A rare bird

A couple of days ago I found myself in Ann Arbor, MI (again) on campus at the University of Michigan (again, again.)I was in town to visit the University of Michigan Museum of Natural History - as such, I soon found myself surrounded by many, many various and wonderful beasties, some actual...
...some fanciful...

...and others that once were, but sadly, are no longer.
It was among this last group that I finally found him......the First Robin of Spring - well, sort of. Still, he's the first of his kind that I've seen this year - his livelier cousins should be turning up any day now.


Here it, erm, he, is - my first crocheted thing ever - and he is a WOOKIEE.And why not? He's fuzzy and cute. He is also impeccably groomed - the timely arrival of hand cards from Shannon saw to that quite nicely.Say what you will about novelty yarns (and believe me, I HAVE,) but when one can use them to this effect? Well, I'll just be over here gnawing on my woollen hat.Pass the mustard.