The Somethings

Each time I make a stitch my hands do it seemingly on their own - it's a repetitive, hypnotic dance they know quite well.

Come this July I will have been knitting only (only?) seven years - and in that time I have worked a countless number of stitches. And whether I am - or my hands are - aware of it, I have come to see it like this: Every stitch is like a tiny meditative prayer - a single instant of my life given physical form by my hands. I could have spent all those instants doing something - anything - else. But instead I chose to put them into making a Something.And oh, the Somethings I have made in those past seven years! Somethings without number, for the loveliest people! It makes my heart glad just to think of it.

It goes on - more Somethings, soon!

The Woolly Anglerfish

The Woolly Anglerfish - seen here lurking in its native habitat at the bottom of the Yarny Ocean. It uses its festive Wonka-esque bobble to lure prey closer to its gaping, toothy maw.A fascinating and majestic creature, indeed.

Woolly Anglerfish are quite partial to rolls of Arrowroot Biscuits. The Biscuits, however, aren't in much danger - they are immune, after all, to the festive bobble's lure. Also, as the Woolly Anglerfish does not have opposable thumbs, it is unable to open the Biscuits' protective packet.
These lucky Biscuits will live to see another tea time.

But now the special time of year has come for the Woolly Anglerfish to make its one-way migration across the Atlantic ocean to its ultimate homeland in Southwestern France. This is quite a remarkable journey for one moderately-sized fish to make on its own - hence we are dispatching a couple of overseers along with the fish to ensure that it makes it there safely. These overseers were chosen for their immense wisdom and knowledge in the ways of Woolly Anglerfish and also for their uncanny ability to fit in the box.They truly are experts in their respective fields as well as in the care and feeding of woolly sea life.

Godspeed, Woolly Anglerfish! Happy trails!