Getting ready... knit the heel on the current L'Amour et la Morte sock:
...for NaKniMitMo 2010:

...and strangely enough, for the 2010 Knitting Olympics as well:I still can hardly believe that subjecting myself to such a deadline seems like a good idea. The last time it was a total bust (for me, at least,) but 2006 was a long time ago. It might be cliche, but things are different now. Still, fingers crossed. Now all I need is a team that will have me.

National Knit Mittens Month 2010

We're only a few days out from January 2010, which is my favourite month for a couple of reasons: my birthday falls at the end of it (on the 30th) and because it's also now National Knit Mittens Month, a cause that I can definitely get behind. Alternately known as NaKniMitMo, it's a month-long KAL with contests (and prizes!) to keep those mitten projects dripping off your needles. All the necessary information about the KAL is right over here, in the official Ravelry group. I took part last year, and it was lots of fun.

I'm also extra excited about this year because my new mitten pattern, Anna's Mittens, is the official pattern of NaKniMitMo 2010. The best part? The pattern is on sale for $4 USD from now until the end of January 2010 in honour of the KAL. Pick up a copy here. I had been toying around with the idea of a big, highly-textured pair of mittens in a delicious red for a while – something with a big, hearty cuff, a smattering of floral-inspired colourwork on said cuff and big, pure uninterrupted bits of screaming colour with plenty of purling for texture and interest.I always walk around with this (probably totally incorrect, but still, to me it makes sense) version of Folk Art in my head and sometimes this comes out in my work. These mittens are one of my attempts to create my own body of Folk Art from a country that may or may not have ever existed (but may or may not be located somewhere in central Europe. Possibly.)They’re named “Anna’s Mittens” after my friend Anna, who is actually European, unlike the mittens. They were her Christmas present this year. She loved them!

So now all I have to do is decide which mittens I'll be knitting next month. With any luck, a couple of new mitten patterns will be created in the process.

Feathered Friends + Etsy update

A wee taste of what I'm up to now:The Feathered Friends Mittens. More details soon, as they become available.

Oh, and the Cupcake Mittens and the Pear Mittens are now up in my Etsy shop. Other patterns will be turning up there shortly.

Pizzelle socks are now live

Pizzelle is live, just in time for the holidays:Whimsical socks with a large floral motif, reminiscent of the floral/snowflake patterns seen on Pizzelle cookies. For added interest they have striped soles and contrasting cuffs and heels.

Don’t care for sportweight socks? Substitute a comparable amount of fingering weight yarn and use US 3 (3.25 mm) needles to produce lighter footwear.

Pick the pattern up on Ravelry or in my Etsy shop.

The pattern is a clear, concise, 4-page .pdf file with large charts and images, as usual.

And the rest:

Size: Women’s Medium (or any foot/leg that is 8” in circumference.)

Gauge: 7 stitches = 1 inch (2.5 cm) in Stockinette st.

Yarn: 2 skeins each of Knit Picks Telemark (103yd / 50 g) in Chestnut (Main Colour – MC) and Passion Heather
(Contrast Colour – CC,) or any other comparable sport weight yarns that complement each other.

Needles: One set of five (5) double pointed needles in US 2 (2.75 mm) or size necessary to obtain gauge.

Notions: A stitch marker to mark beginning of round (optional,) and a sewing needle to weave in ends.

Skills Needed: Increasing and decreasing, knitting in the round, stranded knitting, twisted stitches, and chart reading.

Socks...with a name

I wasn't expecting the impromptu sock-naming contest in response to my last post, but I'm kind of glad that it happened. Thanks so much to everyone who made suggestions! As you can see, the sock is finished:...and I'm pleased to report that it does now have a name. The (impromptu) winner is Ruth, who suggested the name "Pizzelle." (And before I forget, Ruth, please allow me to present you with a complimentary copy of the pattern once it is released. Just let me know where to send it.)

This name struck me as being particularly apt as the flowers on the sock look strikingly similar to those on the cookies. Also, this allows me to now have two patterns named after European desserts (the other being Bavarois.) I sense a trend happening here.

Regardless, you can check out Pizzelle (and Bavarois, too) on Ravelry, if you so choose. Expect the pattern to be out before the holidays.

And, oh, wait til you see the new mittens that are on the way. I do hope you'll like them.

Snowbunnies mittens are live!

The Snowbunnies mittens are out now! Pick up the pattern here, on Ravelry.Row upon row of adorable bunnies (in two flavours!) parade across these cute mittens.

Instructions are provided in the 4-page .pdf to make these as fingerless mittens as well.

Bunny mittens in progress

I don't think it's customary for one to be so chipper on a Tuesday morning, but here we are. I've started a new book, my iPod is replete with unplumbed music and a house full of new yarn (three big yarn-buying trips will do that.)

I also am filled to near-bursting with design ideas. Here's the latest:Bunny mittens (Ravelry link.) Yes.

Pear Mittens!

These had been hanging about since October -- I couldn't believe that it had been so long! It was high time that they were completed, so here they are.

Meet the Pear Mittens:Rows upon rows of cute pears (D’Anjou, Bartlett and Bosc!) adorn these cute mittens. This pattern is ideal for those new to colourwork. The striped thumb adds interest (I'm a great fan of the striped thumb.)

Instructions are included (as usual) detailing how to make these up as fingerless mittens as well.

Grab the lovely 4-page .pdf here on Ravelry. A massive Etsy shop update is due to occur any day now (but if you'd like to see it sooner, let me know.)

And all the usual info-stuffs:

Size: Women’s Medium (or any hand that is 8” in circumference.)

Gauge: 9 stitches = 1 inch (2.5 cm) in Stockinette st.

Yarn: One ball each of Knit Picks’ Palette (231yd / 50g) in Wallaby (Main Colour – MC,) Green Tea Heather (Contrast Colour A– CCA,) Cornmeal (Contrast Colour B – CCB,) Brindle Heather (Contrast Colour D – CCD) and Bark (Contrast Colour E – CCE.) Alternately, any other fingering yarn in these colours or colours of your choice may be used. A 15” piece of waste yarn of the same weight in a contrasting colour to hold the thumb stitches is also required.

Needles: One set of five (5) double pointed needles in US 1 (2.25 mm) or size necessary to obtain gauge.

Notions: A stitch marker to mark beginning of round (optional,) and a sewing needle to weave in ends.

Skills Needed: Increasing and decreasing, knitting in the round, stranded knitting, twisted stitches and chart reading.

I'm off to start another new mitten. It never ends (at least, I hope it doesn't.)


The Thistle Mittens (Ravelry link) are finished:
I'll be working closely with MacKintosh Yarns to ensure that the pattern is available sooner rather than later. In the meantime, check out their yarns. I, personally, can't say enough about the Iona Sportweight.

In other news, I am pleased to report that my L'Amour et la Morte (another Ravelry link) socks have happily taken up residence at Antique Beat. Two more pairs of Men's socks are slated to join them there this month.
And for my final news of the day, the Pear Mittens (again with the Ravelry linkage) are currently getting a thumb. Shortly thereafter they'll be having their picture taken, and then? Expect the pattern to be released this evening. I'll update with the link when they're out.

ETA: They're live! The Pear Mittens are available NOW, on Ravelry!