The Thistle Mittens (Ravelry link) are finished:
I'll be working closely with MacKintosh Yarns to ensure that the pattern is available sooner rather than later. In the meantime, check out their yarns. I, personally, can't say enough about the Iona Sportweight.

In other news, I am pleased to report that my L'Amour et la Morte (another Ravelry link) socks have happily taken up residence at Antique Beat. Two more pairs of Men's socks are slated to join them there this month.
And for my final news of the day, the Pear Mittens (again with the Ravelry linkage) are currently getting a thumb. Shortly thereafter they'll be having their picture taken, and then? Expect the pattern to be released this evening. I'll update with the link when they're out.

ETA: They're live! The Pear Mittens are available NOW, on Ravelry!


byneedleandthread said...

Great stuff! I love the thistle and pear mittens! Can't wait. But first the swedish fish, then the cupcakes! Exciting!

Karen said...

Love the thistle pattern on your mitts. Perfect in that color, too!

OzB said...

When do you possibly have time to work, do house work, cook and clean?

You're amazing!

Shelly said...

Love these! I have a friend with a pear orchard.