First glove

Well, look what I finished today (Raveled):

and the palm:I know -- I can hardly believe it myself! And you know what's even weirder? Knitting all those fingers (and thumb) was engaging and FUN. Why didn't anyone ever tell me how much fun gloves can be?

Now, no one's more surprised about this than I am. I doubt that any of you have caught me as I'm working the finger decreases of a mitten, but if you ever have the opportunity, take note of my mood as the task of the thumb looms nearer. I am not a fan of having to pick up for and work that pesky thumb. Usually this is because by the time I hit the finger decs I'm already planning my next project, and I'm more likely than not impatient as crap to finish the mitten at hand (ha.) So why is knitting the equivalent of five thumbs, one after another, so much different?

Answer: I have no idea. There was just somethng terribly compelling about watching each finger take a bite out of the held stitches; watching each finger cling onto its neighbour and then grow more stitches of its own for the next finger to cling onto. It was a lot of little achievements stacking up and turning into one big achievement -- the finished glove, with all the fingers finished and in place, all those stitches used up and accounted for -- and, oh, yeah, the total lack of grafting didn't hurt either. I'm even casting on for that second glove tonight.

But you know what? I still grumbled about knitting that thumb. Go figure.

Il faut cultiver notre jardin.

The settling-in process continues here at Pittsworth Manor -- I had no idea why I thought it would be over in a week. It's not like I haven't moved before, you know? I'm just so anxious for this new place to feel like a proper home! I know it'll happen, I just have to be patient. Trouble is, I've never been all that good at patience.

In any event, the knitting continues. I should be seaming up my Central Park Hoodie, but I'm doing this instead: These are Ulla's Gloves from Nancy Bush's Folk Knitting in Estonia, and I've already picked up three new techniques (the fringed cast on, the vikkel braid and the Estonian inlay technique) so far. I'm even looking forward to the finger knitting process, which either means that I'm a natural glove knitter or totally insane. You pick.

And in what might turn out to be another indication of the onset of madness I've joined twitter again. Keep up with my fibrey, housey and gardeny adventures right over here: spillyjaneknits. Yet another place for me to leave my mark online.

The new free pattern: Pittsworth

They're out!Pittsworth (Ravelry link) is a new, free sock pattern to comemmorate my move into Pittsworth Manor. Pick them up here on Ravelry, or here if you're not a Ravelry user.

Cables work their way down these socks from cuff to toe, and have lots of fun in the process. They might look technique heavy, but they’re not! There’s just enough pattern there to keep one interested, and the foot’s chart is easily memorized.The pattern is a 5 page .pdf with large, bright pictures and colour coded (!) charts.

These are kind of a sequel to the Naive socks (Ravelry link). I promise that you will like the write-up (and the heel) much, much better! It’s also a sort of prequel to Bavarois (Ravelry link), should you want to play with more fancy cabling.

And now that this is finished and posted...I'm off to work on another new sock.

I can has Stu Gee-Oh?

Once upon a time I craved a proper studio of my own, where I could make and store the things I use to make other things. Later I decided that it would be fairly selfish of me to claim an entire room just to store my supplies.

When I became a knitter a studio began to seem like a good idea once more (what with the stash and all,) but it wasn't a possibility in the apartment. Now, with the acquisition of Pittsworth Manor, that has changed.

I am now in serious danger of acquiring a studio.
And you, dear readers, are in serious danger of acquiring that new, free sock pattern -- Pittsworth -- tomorrow morning. I hope you like cables!

Business, both old and new

First, the Old Business:

I'm so thrilled that so many of you took advantage of the free Guardian (Ravelry link) mitten patterns offered in yesterday's post! I can't wait to see the mittens and fingerless gloves that you come up with -- be sure to let me know (either here or on Ravelry) when you have pictures.

If you'd requested one of the patterns in time you should have it by now. Go check your email! Which reminds me, nestra, Jeanne and maitai, I didn't receive your email addresses. Either leave them in a comment, or send them to spillyjaneknits {at} gmail {dot} com and I'll get your copies out to you right away.

Which also reminds me...

I have one copy of Guardian left to send out
! First commenter who requests it gets it (please remember to give me your email address!)

And now for the New Business:

The New House festivities continue! Some of you might be aware that the new place has been lovingly named Pittsworth Manor (some of you might even recall the origins of the moniker.) In any event, to commemorate the event even further, I'm in the process of working on a sock pattern called (logically,) Pittsworth. Here's what I've got so far:

Yes, there is a lot going on on the legs of these ones, but if you know how to cable and twist stitches you'll be just fine. The foot will be a bit more sedate, I promise. This is what happens when I sit down and "doodle" with yarn. The last time I went into a pattern with no set plan and just let the sock "happen" we ended up with the Naive Socks (Ravelry link.)

That's not the only thing that they'll have in common with the Naive Socks...these are also going to be offered as a free pattern (and I swear you'll like this heel better!) Watch for these soon -- I have three other sock patterns on the way that want out of my brain and off my needles!

I've moved! Free mitten pattern up for grabs!

As some of you know, I have recently moved house (into an actual house!) and so the unpacking and settling-in process has totally overtaken everything else. I'm trying to make time for knitting, but it's hard to justify sitting down when there's so much work to be done.

It's totally worth it though, since I am madly in love with my new place! It's an 85 year old 2.5 level with wonderful vintage features like a clawfoot bathtub and gorgeous register covers.

Irontail and Snugglebunny enjoying their new digs.

The dishwasher, while not a vintage feature, is nonetheless also ranking high on the "good things about the house" list.

So! To celebrate my big move into this treasure from the 1920s, I'd like to offer you a little something. You might recall Guardian (Ravelry link) the mitten I designed that was inspired by the Guardian Building in Detroit? I'm making the somewhat tenuous connection between the building and my house since they were both built during the same decade, and you get to reap the rewards!The Guardian mitten pattern comes in two different colourways, Building (orange and yellow with white and green) and Deco (black and cream with pastel accents.) Instructions are provided for making both mittens and fingerless gloves.

The first 25 people to comment here requesting the pattern will be sent a free copy! Please remember to leave your email address in the comment, or, if you don't feel comfortable doing that, send it to spillyjaneknits {at} gmail {dot} com. I solemnly swear that I will mostly likely promptly forget your email address entirely and that I will not abuse it in any way. All I want it for is to send 25 of you nice (and quick) people a free Art Deco mitten pattern.

Now I'd better go unpack something...

ETA: Oh wow, thanks so much everyone for the rapid repsonse! I'm sending out the patterns in smallish groups in between unpacking things (someone deliver me from all the boxes!)

There are still a few patterns up for grabs...and Nestra, if you're reading this, I need your email address so I can send you your copy of the pattern! ~j