Green and Stripèd

While I usually don't tend to go in for self-striping sock yarns I recently ran into one that I just could not say no to. Look at this!That's Knit Picks' Felici Self-Striping Sock Yarn in Green Veggies. I can not stop staring at it! I picked up four balls because I suspect that I'm going to want green stripèd knee socks. The best part? My Knit Picks parcel should be arriving today (I hope.)

On the way to socks.

Check it on out -- handspun socks, just waiting to happen......eventually. That pile of yarn is all my bits of handspun that I've been working on this past week. As usual, I think I've overdone it (that's a shocker,) and I suspect that that's enough fingering-weight handspun to produce a couple of pairs. I just like having enough colour variation that I can go wherever my mood takes me.

And just because we haven't seen it in a while (and because I'm feeling charitable,) here's a better shot of that corner of my stu g.o.:It's coming together...slowly. My poor shelving unit remains woefully underused, housing only the merest bits of the stash and projects that have floated to the surface. There's more, believe me.

Spinning again

Ever since I picked up my spindle this past Sunday I've been hard-pressed to actually put it down. I've been spinning and plying and setting twists and blocking and winding nearly non-stop. This usually happens when I've been away from it for a while, as I'm fascinated by the entire process of handspinning.So, while this means that I've been slightly neglecting my knitting, it also means that I'm that much closer to a new pair of handspun socks. Some you might remember my last (and first and so far, only) pair (Ravelled):...which I made with some of my first bits of handspun. My spinning has since improved, so I'm looking forward to seeing what I come up with this time.

Some of you may be happy to hear that I fully intend to have a stab at the Mittens With Pints On (Ravelled) this afternoon, so we'll see where that goes. Some of you might be even happier to hear that I've just acquired the yarns needed to produce the Socks With Pints On, but let's not get ahead of ourselves. Things Will Get Done, all in due time.

Briefly on a Sunday

Sundays are for socks (Ravelled,) spinning and for starting second sweaters.I'll bet you can guess which colour family I'm in love with these days.

The return of the Central Park Hoodie

I sewed up my Central Park Hoodie (Ravelled) the other day. It turns out that I really enjoy the finishing process. This bodes well for future sweater projects (and there will be more sweaters in my future.)All I have to do now is sew in the ten million ends that were the result of my careful finishing. And then it's on to the next sweater project (and oh yeah, more socks of my own design.)