...and then I just got worse.

Another pair of Clerkenwell socks completed......as modelled by Mr. Difalot and select members of my collection of mineral companions. These socks will be taking wing as soon as the current pair is completed and duly documented.

Time to dream.

Everything's coming up golden...

Can I go out on a Saturday evening without looking as if I'm about to board my barque for a moonlit cruise down the Nile?Probably not.

New mittens: Zarzuela

I don't know if you noticed, but these snuck out late-ish on Monday evening. As I spent the entirety of yesterday in (the other) London, I wasn't able to announce them until today.
Regardless, meet Zarzuela -- back:
and palm:
As you can see, she's a pretty folky mitt bedecked with spirals and an elaborate cuff. If you'd like to see her fingerless, well, she's up for that too (instructions, as usual, are included.) Work her up in the recommend Sunday Knits yarns (which include cashmere and angora blends) for an extra-soft treat.

Find her here, on Ravelry, in my Etsy shop (soon, and I mean it,) or click that wee button up there beneath her picture.

As for me, I must be off. I've got work to do.

Delights, of all sorts

Monday morning dawned bright but pleasingly damp, bringing with it myriad sensory delights:

The sight of a freshly-painted bathroom ceiling (in Pink Sea Salt) and a newly-installed porcelain light fixture:

The scent of the first newly-opened Meyer Lemon blossoms:

The sound of this week's Melodica:

The luxurious feel of working with angora (and cashmere:)

And last, but by far not least, the taste of Victoria Teas' Clock Tower Blend:...which I could do with another cup of. This is not going to sit well with the moderately-sized bird who is attempting to nap on my leg.

Love, sans idleness

Deadline met -- just popped these two pairs of Clerkenwell socks in the mail this morning. They should be beginning their transatlantic journey any minute now.Cupie and Sloth were both on hand to see them off and to allay any fears of travel-by-post. Cupie, having come from the Antique Beat Boutique himself, was able to assure them of the loveliness of their destination.As for me, I'm enjoying some well-deserved Idleness.

No pressure, really.

I'm operating under something of a fairly strict Knitting Deadline but I just had to post these before I, erm, post these. Their ultimate destination is the Antique Beat Boutique, which is a lovely place run by lovely people where lots of lovely things end up.These are the Clerkenwell socks, size Women's Medium, in the alternate blue colourway (which I'm really starting to warm up to.) I love these socks and since they're in my size (and impossibly comfortable) I'm finding it especially difficult to say goodbye. But part we must. Perhaps you might like them to join you where you live? That can be arranged!

I should also mention that another pair of Clerkenwell socks, size Men's Large, in the original River Fleet-green colourway will be these ladysocks' Travelling Companions. I'll let you know once they arrive.


...is a good way to describe the task at hand. "Prohibitive" may very well be another. All I know is that there is an antique medicine cabinet under there, and I'm going to find it.This in-progress picture is admittedly terrifying, but it gives you the idea of what I'm up against (five layers of paint at least.) What's even more terrifying is the knowledge that at one time this poor cabinet had a green door and red-and-white-speckled mouldings. Scary stuff, indeed.

Labour + Love

I have always loved the packaging of Bull Dog Steel Wool, which has remained virtually unchanged from its inception in 1933. You could imagine my joy when the current bathroom renovation project required me to pick some up last night. The design, the fonts and the dog (of course,) are all singularly delightful and wonderful when combined. So much more elegant and stylish than some of the packages that one sees in shops today.

And yes, I've already tried my hand at spinning it. The resulting steel singles didn't turn out that badly.

When I lived in London (the other one,) one of the highlights of taking the train home to Windsor was the fact that the tracks pass right by Thamesville Metal Products Ltd., the home of Bull Dog Steel Wool.While this might say more about the lack of interesting scenery along this branch of the Quebec City-Windsor corridor, I should remind you that I've always had a soft spot for quality industrial architecture.

As for those of you who undertake home restoration, I have nothing but respect for you. If nothing else it is a difficult labour of Love.


The best part about living in a Century Home (aside from the large windows, antique woodwork and deliciously creaky stairs,) is the fact that the edifice has had 100 years to settle upon its foundations. This means that there is a distinct lack of potentially creepy house-noises that remain to be made. Of course, the other side of this coin is that when noises do happen they're about three times creepier than they should be. It's a bit of a trade-off.

Another good thing is the knowledge that (and this is especially useful when watching particularly dark storm clouds rolling in,) the house has seen more (and worse) weather than one has and has continued to stand through it all. This is a comforting thought to think when one is returing from a weekend abroad and hoping that one will find the house and not a smoking house-shaped hole where it once stood. So far, so good.

And one can't help but wonder what the house would say (if it could speak in a conventional sense,) about all the vintage fixtures and renovations that one is inflicting upon it. Is it enjoying this return to the 1930s around its kitchen and bathrooms or is it saying "Oh no, not one of those again!" Does it even matter if it is? When one loves one's house the house can tell. One is sure of it.

Today I am sure of one thing: if the buds on my lemon tree don't burst soon, I'm going to.

Dance forever out into the blue

And so it begins: the knitting of a bevy of Clerkenwell socks for Antique Beat.This pair (size Women's Medium,) is done in the alternate blue colourway and has been Ravelled here. They'll be taking wing for the UK as soon as that other Odd Sock gets a mate.Yes, I consider this all research for my upcoming sojourn in London.

New mittens: Isidora

Brace yourselves -- the first of my barrage of new mitten patterns has just been released.
Meet Isidora, who has been Ravelled here. She's a new future classic vintage-look folky mitt with flowers on (as you can clearly see,) and she comes with instructions to make her as fingerless mittens as well.Grab her by clicking that wee button up there beneath her picture, over here on Ravelry, or in my Etsy shop (eventually, but hopefully sooner rather than later.)

These mittens are made with Sunday Knits' amazing 3 ply yarns, Eden, Angelic and Nirvana, which I love to life. I can not get enough of these colours; they are that rich, complex and compelling.

Watch for the next mitten, Zarzuela, next week.

Maybe so, maybe no

Sometimes an image is all you need -- a corner of my Stu-gee-oh:Uppermost spindle by Avi Wasserman. Deadly Sin by indigotwin.