Labour + Love

I have always loved the packaging of Bull Dog Steel Wool, which has remained virtually unchanged from its inception in 1933. You could imagine my joy when the current bathroom renovation project required me to pick some up last night. The design, the fonts and the dog (of course,) are all singularly delightful and wonderful when combined. So much more elegant and stylish than some of the packages that one sees in shops today.

And yes, I've already tried my hand at spinning it. The resulting steel singles didn't turn out that badly.

When I lived in London (the other one,) one of the highlights of taking the train home to Windsor was the fact that the tracks pass right by Thamesville Metal Products Ltd., the home of Bull Dog Steel Wool.While this might say more about the lack of interesting scenery along this branch of the Quebec City-Windsor corridor, I should remind you that I've always had a soft spot for quality industrial architecture.

As for those of you who undertake home restoration, I have nothing but respect for you. If nothing else it is a difficult labour of Love.


Eleni said...

Wow, I have never used steel wool in my life but I kind of want one of those boxes on my shelf!

Do quality office buildings count? I've always had a soft spot for the Hoover Building here in the UK:

cheryl j said...

I never heard of trying to spin steel wool. I'll have to think on that. Crochet a pot scrubbie out of steel wool thread? humm?

spillyjane said...

Eleni -- I could carefully break down one of the boxes and post one off to you if you like!

Yes, quality office buildings count! The Hoover building is wonderful.

spillyjane said...

Cheryl -- I wonder if one could..? :)

d. said...

I actually grew up in a town called Bothwell, 10mins from Thamesville and I recognized your picture right away. It was so strange to see. I never actually associated the building with the product. Not sure how I missed that since I have driven by it a million times in my life. I live in Vancouver now, but when I'm home for Christmas I'll be sure to take a closer look.

mary jane said...

we don't have that steel wool...feeling deprived...I'm with you on the industrial architecture.