Delights, of all sorts

Monday morning dawned bright but pleasingly damp, bringing with it myriad sensory delights:

The sight of a freshly-painted bathroom ceiling (in Pink Sea Salt) and a newly-installed porcelain light fixture:

The scent of the first newly-opened Meyer Lemon blossoms:

The sound of this week's Melodica:

The luxurious feel of working with angora (and cashmere:)

And last, but by far not least, the taste of Victoria Teas' Clock Tower Blend:...which I could do with another cup of. This is not going to sit well with the moderately-sized bird who is attempting to nap on my leg.


French Press Knits said...

Angora...? Cashmere...? You've got my attention!

Anonymous said...

word, mel!
how can i get my hands in those mitts?

Rachael said...

Your Monday sounds like it is way, way superior to my Monday.

Kay-From the Back Yard said...

I do understand the "New light Delight." And the knitting is lovely, too.