Love, sans idleness

Deadline met -- just popped these two pairs of Clerkenwell socks in the mail this morning. They should be beginning their transatlantic journey any minute now.Cupie and Sloth were both on hand to see them off and to allay any fears of travel-by-post. Cupie, having come from the Antique Beat Boutique himself, was able to assure them of the loveliness of their destination.As for me, I'm enjoying some well-deserved Idleness.


Julie said...

amazing!! those socks are going to be so loved, for sure.

Deena said...

Beautiful socks . . . I am curious about what is written on the accompanying card. It looks like a lovely finishing touch.

Anonymous said...

Enjoy your day of idleness. It's well-deserved, I'm sure. Love the socks.

faerie finder said...

these are lovely!!
im feeling SO idle!
we deserve it dont we?
last night i actually leisurely knitted on
my kidsilk haze sweater. ♥