I am currently in the process of polishing off my very first book of knitting patterns, but that's not going to stop me from self-publishing my own individual patterns!  Here's one that snuck out of its tank late-ish last night - so late, in fact that it probably slunk right past you and you didn't even see it!  All that aside, please meet the OctoMitts.  You might not want to start shaking their hands - these ones have got a LOT of arms, and you could be here all day..!
These mittens (and fingerless mitts) feature three jolly octopuses (that’s the correct plural,) bobbing along singing a song at the bottom of the (beautiful briny) sea. Want to join them for a dip? They’re all arms!

Instructions are included in the pattern to produce both mittens and fingerless mitts.
Never knit colourwork before?  Since these mittens only use one contrast colour per round these ones would be a great place to start!

You can get your (ahem,) MITTS on the OctoMitts pattern here on Ravelry and here in my Etsy shop.  Oh, speaking of my Etsy shop, I should also mention that all my patterns there are now available as instant downloads.  What a world it is that we live in!

Now, who's up for seafood?