Everyone, all together, all at once

Just received this delightful group photo from the equally delightful Tom.  It's all the critters and weirdos and things and stuff that I have made him over the past year, and I am SO TAKEN with it I think I might burst!

They all look so happy together, sat out there in the sunshine...I wonder what it is they're singing?

A dreamy walk to the postbox

Pick up the small kraft-paper wrapped parcel, simple and lovely and non-descript.

Out the door and down the steps. Good morning, clematis!

Through the back garden, past the roses.

Through the gate, past the poppies.  Stop and say hello.

Down the alley.  Past the Art Deco armchair-style apartment building that I love so much.  The sky is pearly and dreamy.

To the postbox now, wish the small, adorable parcel with my work and hours inside well. Grab the handle. Open drawer, pop in parcel, close drawer.  Check to make sure the parcel has dropped down.  Yes?  Good!  Back we go.

Back past the building. Stop for another look at the brickwork, at the sky.