NaKniMitMo pt. 5: Friends of the Forest

It's funny: back when I didn't know how to knit a million (ok, five) years ago, I remember watching Heather turn out a pair of fingerless mittens, saying "Oh wow, I could never do that." She assured me that it was easy, but I still didn't believe her. One night about a year after that, after a few glasses of wine, I picked up the needles and the crappy acrylic yarn that had somehow been travelling with me for quite some time (I've never been all that sure as to why, really,) and started to teach myself to knit. As for the rest...well.

All those pixels spilt to lead up to telling you that I finished these yesterday:These are the Friends of the Forest fingerless mittens (Ravelled) and I am just in love with them. They just seem so incredibly ladylike to me, with their lacy picot cuffs.

The yarn is an errant skein of Silky Wool in Verdigris that has been languishing in the stash for quite some time, and I'm pleased that I was finally able to put it to (a very pretty) use. The hand of the yarn is just beautiful; I love the slubby, nubby, raw-silkiness of the finished fabric; how the wool and silk components have taken the dye differently, resulting in a lovely mottled effect. The only problem with this yarn is that working with it merely makes me want to acquire more (in golds and greys and bronzes, please.)


Reading: Reaper Man by Terry Pratchett
Listening: Air -- Love 2

Prickly Thistle Mitten pattern now available

News that just might make your Sunday morning: The Prickly Thistle Mitten pattern is now available for purchase.

Photo courtesy of MacKintosh Yarns

Since the pattern was commissioned by MacKintosh Yarns, it is available exclusively through their website. You can pick up the pattern in both print and .pdf form right over here. I believe that there was also some talk of it being offered as part of a kit, but I'll have to get that confirmed before I make any kind of official announcement.

In the meantime, enjoy the mittens, and the remaining two months of winter we're currently facing (as if I need to remind me of that.)

New things

New bag:Banshee, by Suede & Co. Ample and lovely and grey. Grey is currently my favourite colour.

New Scarf-in-Progress:Basic chevron pattern + random bits = Scrappy Scarfy. I still haven't decided if I'm going to keep him or if he's going to take up residence in my Etsy shop.

Other current things:

Reading: Soul Music by Terry Pratchett
Listening: Cagedbaby -- Forced

Now I'm off to invent French toast popovers.

For a good cause

January rolls on here at Pittsworth Manor -- miserably dark and, while not as cold as it has been lately, still fairly chill. It's great weather for knitting, but not so much for much of anything else.The astute among you will note that that's a sock in the picture, not a mitten. I'm trying to keep up with NaKniMitMo 2010, really I am, but duty calls, and at present I'm one mere pair of L'Amour et la Morte socks (Ravelled) away from being able to send another parcel off to the Antique Beat Boutique.

I should also mention that from now until 31 January 2010, 50% of the proceeds of select SpillyJane Knits patterns will be donated to Médecins Sans Frontières to support their work in Haiti. You can see (and pick up) the patterns on Ravelry here.

NaKniMitMo pt. 4: Feathered Friends Mittens are out

Look what hatched yesterday:It's the Feathered Friends mittens, just in time for NaKniMitMo 2010. Row upon row of sweet birdies perch their way across these cute mittens. Instructions are provided for making these as fingerless mittens as well! These mitts would be a great first project if you've never tried colourwork but would like to give it a shot.

Find the pattern here on Ravelry, and shortly in my Etsy shop.

NaKniMitMo pt. 3: Mittens with birds on

The Feathered Friends Mittens (Raveled) grew quite a bit today:They've been languishing since before the holidays, so I'm pleased that some progress has finally been made. Watch for the pattern to be released this Monday, January 11 2010.

NaKniMitMo pt. 2: Swedish Rococo

Swedish Rococo mitten no.1 (Raveled) is officially in progress.
I have proof:I am in love with these Lantern Moon dpns...and Smooshy, but that goes without saying.

NaKniMitMo pt. 1: It begins

I survived the holidays; everything is bright (but cold,) and I'm ready for spring, please (yes, that is a black wreath.) We can even pass on my birthday at the end of the month -- I won't mind at all.

Ah, but no, January's unavoidable and non-skippable, which is just as well since it's NaKniMitMo. Yes, this ambitious KAL is already underway with people polishing off entire pairs of mittens despite the month being a mere three days (barely!) old.

I am especially impressed, since my knitting is still mired in its usual holiday torpor. The Feathered Friends mitten hasn't grown a stitch since you last saw it. Swedish Rococo, on the other hands, has a cuff, but that's about it:And what a slow-going cuff it is. I expect my speed to increase this week, so stay tuned.