Impending Mitten.

There's a new mitten in the works; a mitten that will not be ignored. The cosmos knows that it's been plaguing me for a good three weeks now.

It was only yesterday that I finally settled on a colour palette. Usually the colours are the first thing that I settle upon, but not this time! Oh, no, the mitten cleared wanted to give me the runaround.

Here it go:

Yes, that's Knit Picks Palette again, in (clockwise, from top right) Blush, Bark, Twig, Tidepool Heather, Red and Yellow.

Here's what there is (so far) of the mitten embarrassing Metal Sheep:

Poor Metal Sheep -- he doesn't deserve this kind of treatment! I definitely owe him more flattering photographs.

Nana's Gingerbread Mittens, FO.

Yarn: Knit Picks Palette In Brindle Heather, White, Yellow and Garnet Heather
Needles: Clover Takumi Bamboo dpns, US 1
Pattern: Chart 120 from Latvian Mittens by Lisbeth Upitis
Started: November 2007
Finished: December 2007

Notes: Nana's Christmas present, finished in plenty of time (even though I was sewing ends in on Christmas Eve.) She loved them.

Make with the goods!

Here I was, doing so well with the finished objects posts, too...and then Ravelry happened and the rest is history. In any event, a wee peek at my backlog is in order.

The first Dream Twister sock:

I can hardly say how much I love this pattern. I'm particularly by how it's playing nicely with the Cherry Tree Hill Supersock Potluck. Now to get started on sock no. 2.

Look, here's a completed pair:

These are the Little Pumpkins socks in Trekking XXL.

This was a quick, fun, easily-internalized quick knit that kept my hands busy this past autumn. It's unsurprisingly that these were my official Socks of the Season! I swear I received more compliments on that yarn than anything else as of late.

Another pair o' socks:

Yep, it's Pomatomus in ultra-limited, handpainted Deegu.

I have no idea why these socks ever seemed so daunting -- the pattern is really intuitive and enjoyable to work. I couldn't have asked for a better colourway for them, either!

I'm fairly sure that's it for now, but should something else reveal itself I'll make every effort to document it as well.

And finally, a quick heads-up: there's another Spilly-designed colourwork mitten in the works. Pictures should be arriving any time now.

Something Fresh.

This is huge; yesterday I finally got around to learning the Magic Cast-On. I have no idea why I never bothered to do this sooner, because it's easier than any other similar cast-on I've ever tried. The world of toe-up socks is my oyster!

I celebrated by neglecting my Xmas knitting and starting a new sock:

This is Azure from the latest Knitty. In an amazingly fortunate twist of fate I had the exact yarn that the pattern calls for -- one skein of Colinette Jitterbug in Raspberry.
The Jitterbug had been waiting patiently at the bottom of my stash for quite some time, as the yardage is just a little on the short side. Toe-up socks will allow me to make the most of this entire skein, which is just as well because I really like the colourway.

Now to get through some more of that Xmas knitting so I can have a guilt-free sit-down with my Raspberry Azure socks.