Impending Mitten.

There's a new mitten in the works; a mitten that will not be ignored. The cosmos knows that it's been plaguing me for a good three weeks now.

It was only yesterday that I finally settled on a colour palette. Usually the colours are the first thing that I settle upon, but not this time! Oh, no, the mitten cleared wanted to give me the runaround.

Here it go:

Yes, that's Knit Picks Palette again, in (clockwise, from top right) Blush, Bark, Twig, Tidepool Heather, Red and Yellow.

Here's what there is (so far) of the mitten embarrassing Metal Sheep:

Poor Metal Sheep -- he doesn't deserve this kind of treatment! I definitely owe him more flattering photographs.


Adriana said...

Looks promising! I can't wait to see your progress in person in 2 days!!

The Chickengoddess said...

I can't wait to see it, but I have to say, with a pig mitten on your site _this_ is the one that can't be ignored???

Happy 2008

Mia said...

I am on a mitten kick lately so I am going to be curious to see how your new mittens turn out.

Lucette said...

Great colours. I have been enjoying all your colourwork for a while now. Looking forward to seeing the mitten. I find that sometimes the deciding takes longer than the actual knitting.