Everything That Happens Will Happen Today

Mainly because because I love both David Byrne and Brian Eno, and just because I can, here's Everything That Happens Will Happen Today, their most recent offering in it's glorious, streaming entirety.

Did you catch the two Simon and Garfunkel references in the first track?

The new record is amazing, and I've already got my tickets lined up to see David Byrne play Ann Arbor, MI this October. This tour is going to be extra special, since he's only touring the songs that he and Brian Eno have collaborated on. So yes, this means my three favourite Talking Heads records, More Songs About Buildings and Food, Fear of Music, and Remain in Light will receive pride of place! No, Mr. Eno will not be in attendance, much to my chagrin. I will just have to make do with the inimitable Mr. Byrne. The punishment, as they say, is not too bad.

It's a Something!

There's been lots of starting but not too much finishing round these parts lately. Here's the most recently finished Something:It's a...swatch, but it's a special swatch! It's made from an odd ball of Heather's handspun, and while the wpi and exact yardage remain a mystery, it matters little because it's gorgeous. My fingers are crossed that I get the chance to play with more Heatherspun one day soon. Now the question is, what to do with the swatch? Do I leave it as is, and sew it up, line it and give it a strap and call it a bag? Should I turn it into a clutch or a pouch? Should I felt it to within an inch of its life and then turn it into a similar accessory? I suppose I could leave it as is, wait for more Heatherspun to drop into my life, pick up the stitches and continue on as an amazing, eclectic and totally random scarf. I have no idea at this point -- perhaps I should just stash it away and go back to it later.

The other main finished object around here is the first of the FroggySox: It's green, and it's fuzzy, and BOY, does that bit of alpaca make for a warm, soft sock. Number two's been put on hold, because I've had a Visitor from the Bottom of the Basket.

Remember this? You might not, because she appeared a while back and then disappeared almost as quickly. She did have a brief appearance in my last post, but she didn't really get the attention that she deserved. Her name is Penelo (Ravelry link): All she needs is a foot and she's done. The pattern will follow shortly.

And here I am, mired once again in the middle of purple and green. There's another very special purple-and-green offering on the way, if I can ever get around to working on it. Must keep on track!

I've got five socks!

I have no idea how this happened, but I somehow ended up with no less than five separate socks all on the needles, all at the same time, all nowhere near finished. I have photographic evidence of the unfortunate situation I'm currently in:
From right to left, that's Domovina (Ravelry link,) the purple Trekking XXL sock that is still somehow nameless (but heading your way soon, so look out,) GothSock no. 2 (Ravelry link,) and the first of a pair of FroggySox (Ravelry link,) because I succumbed to the lure of New Yarn (I went camping and needed an engaging yet mindless project to take along. Also, I'm on a chartreuse kick.)

The astute members of my audience will, no doubt, see that something is slightly amiss. They will notice that there are only four pairs of socks documented above and not the originally stated five. I applaud you, astute audience members, for you are not wrong! There are five pairs, but I can't yet show you Number Five. This is because she is going to be the September pattern in Three Irish Girls' Sock Yarnista Club. I can tell you that her name is Eurydice (Ravelry link,) and that she's knit with Three Irish Girls Adorn Sock in Baltic Sea. Luckily, of the five wayward socks she's the closest to being finished.
And what did I do today, rather than complete (or even work on) any of these unfinished darlings? I buzzed around the city (in vain) trying to locate a wire soap dish (for those of you looking, there are none to be had in the Windsor area, and I am beyond annoyed by this fact. Anyway.) This means I'm off to spend some Quality Time with the socks. I'm attacking Eurydice first, and after that I'm just going to close my eyes and point to help me decide which to work on next. It's as good a way as any!

Polska mittens, ready for you!

They were finished and polished and posted kinda late last night because I was just so excited to get them out there, but it's true -- the Polska mittens (Ravelry link} have been released!

It's been a long time since I've done a mitten pattern of my own, and it feels good! Ok, that sounded a little dirty. You'll all forgive me my early-morning post-silliness when you see the mitten-type that is Now Officially In Production. Polska is going to have to be a little lonely for a while (poor mitten!) but the wait will be worth it. Trust me.

Mitten! Mitten!!

Would you believe that the Polska mittens pattern could be out tonight? I'm having a hard time believing it myself!

Stay tuned -- I'll post details as soon as possible.

ETA: Polska is up! I was so busy getting everything in order I forgot to post about it. Enjoy!

That's how they do it in Warsaw...

...or at least in Boleslawiec, Poland's Town of Ceramics. Yes, my European-folk-art-itch is being scratched again. (On a semi-related note, the title for this post has been unceremoniously lifted from a Martin Tielli song (lyrics here, scroll down.) If you are not familiar with Mr. Tielli or the band he was a part of--the Rheostatics--I suggest that you rectify this immediately. Yes, I am using parentheses within parentheses! Somebody stop me!)

I have another new mitten-in-progress to show you, despite not having knit a stitch on the poor Domovina socks since the last time you saw them.

This is Polska (Ravelry link,) which will eventually be a pair of Latvian-type colourwork mittens. It's the result of staring at my favourite mug (a piece of Polish stoneware) a little too long. I just love the folky colours and pattern; it's so simple and perfect. I can't believe how well the pattern translates in mitten-form!

The pattern for Polska will be put out there as as soon as possible (hopefully.) Mitten season will be here before we know it.

I just can't help it--I see the potential for mittens everywhere! Hopefully the next time you see Polska she'll be finished. Then you can be subjected to the Mitten That Snuck Up On Me While I Was Out For A Walk.