It's a Something!

There's been lots of starting but not too much finishing round these parts lately. Here's the most recently finished Something:It's, but it's a special swatch! It's made from an odd ball of Heather's handspun, and while the wpi and exact yardage remain a mystery, it matters little because it's gorgeous. My fingers are crossed that I get the chance to play with more Heatherspun one day soon. Now the question is, what to do with the swatch? Do I leave it as is, and sew it up, line it and give it a strap and call it a bag? Should I turn it into a clutch or a pouch? Should I felt it to within an inch of its life and then turn it into a similar accessory? I suppose I could leave it as is, wait for more Heatherspun to drop into my life, pick up the stitches and continue on as an amazing, eclectic and totally random scarf. I have no idea at this point -- perhaps I should just stash it away and go back to it later.

The other main finished object around here is the first of the FroggySox: It's green, and it's fuzzy, and BOY, does that bit of alpaca make for a warm, soft sock. Number two's been put on hold, because I've had a Visitor from the Bottom of the Basket.

Remember this? You might not, because she appeared a while back and then disappeared almost as quickly. She did have a brief appearance in my last post, but she didn't really get the attention that she deserved. Her name is Penelo (Ravelry link): All she needs is a foot and she's done. The pattern will follow shortly.

And here I am, mired once again in the middle of purple and green. There's another very special purple-and-green offering on the way, if I can ever get around to working on it. Must keep on track!


Adriana said...

Penelo is gorgeous! I vote that you wait for more Heatherspun and continue the swatch into a cool scarf.

Heather G. said...

Strangely enough, I found the rest of that fleece, so more Heatherspun is a distinct possibility. How come it looks utterly gorgeous when you knit it up, and when it is here, it just looks like something my cat dragged in?

(Mike thought it was Noro)