I've got five socks!

I have no idea how this happened, but I somehow ended up with no less than five separate socks all on the needles, all at the same time, all nowhere near finished. I have photographic evidence of the unfortunate situation I'm currently in:
From right to left, that's Domovina (Ravelry link,) the purple Trekking XXL sock that is still somehow nameless (but heading your way soon, so look out,) GothSock no. 2 (Ravelry link,) and the first of a pair of FroggySox (Ravelry link,) because I succumbed to the lure of New Yarn (I went camping and needed an engaging yet mindless project to take along. Also, I'm on a chartreuse kick.)

The astute members of my audience will, no doubt, see that something is slightly amiss. They will notice that there are only four pairs of socks documented above and not the originally stated five. I applaud you, astute audience members, for you are not wrong! There are five pairs, but I can't yet show you Number Five. This is because she is going to be the September pattern in Three Irish Girls' Sock Yarnista Club. I can tell you that her name is Eurydice (Ravelry link,) and that she's knit with Three Irish Girls Adorn Sock in Baltic Sea. Luckily, of the five wayward socks she's the closest to being finished.
And what did I do today, rather than complete (or even work on) any of these unfinished darlings? I buzzed around the city (in vain) trying to locate a wire soap dish (for those of you looking, there are none to be had in the Windsor area, and I am beyond annoyed by this fact. Anyway.) This means I'm off to spend some Quality Time with the socks. I'm attacking Eurydice first, and after that I'm just going to close my eyes and point to help me decide which to work on next. It's as good a way as any!


Adriana said...

That purple Trekking sock is beautiful! I'd love a close up of the pattern.
Good luck with Eurydice! I can't wait to see pictures.

Heather G. said...

Also looking forward to Eurydice! I bet that IQ Living has wire soap dishes ;)

meg said...

Good luck with Eurydice! That color-way is gorgeous- great inspiration.