Naive Socks (This Must Be The Socks) pattern now available!

After what seemed like forever (but in reality was actually only a few months,) the Naive Socks pattern is finally ready!

Happy knitting!

Do the Ultra Twist!

Here, have a quick post before I go and get distracted again! This is a good chunk of a Dream Twister sock:

Currently I'm right at the end of the first full repeat of Chart B. Things had been going slowly at first (twists on every row, what?) but now it's starting to pick up. You can not read while knitting this one! This is not entirely a bad thing. The punishment is not too bad, eh? Look at that sock! I love it pieces, though I can't help but wonder when I'll ever learn about variegated yarns and cables. Maybe I should just learn to buy solid coloured yarn.

Piggy Mittens, FO.

Yarn: Peruvian Highland Wool from elann in assorted partial skeins (read: I went nuts with colour)
Needles: Clover Takumi Bamboo dpns, US 5
Pattern: Piggy Mittens, by me, SpillyJane (pattern available soon!)
Started: 4 September 2007
Finished: 9 September 2007

Notes: My second pair of Piggy Mittens, and the first to be properly photographed before they leave my clutches! What started out as a quick little project for a special little guy turned into a veritable ends-travaganza once all the colour changes got a bit...silly. I didn't mind too much, as my Peruvian Highland Wool stash is in need of a use-up and a replenishin' anyway. I am really pleased to report that they did not end up looking girly as i had initially feared.

Fun Fact: I'm going to be offering this pattern in both women's and children's sizes for your knitting pleasure. It's too good (and too cute!) of a stash-buster to keep it all to myself! There's going to be a lot of free pattern action around here this week...

ETA: Would you like to add the Piggy Mittens to your Ravelry queue? The link is right here:

Piggy Mittens

Let me show you socks.

Heavy Sock Knitting has resumed Chez Spilly and here are the most recent products of my labour:

The first Kuzunoha Monkey:

The first Pomatomus (aka Fish Sock):

now to stave off any and all New Projects til they are paired with their yet-to-be-knit mates. this may require more than a little willpower on my part.

one exception, however, has been allowed to squeeze through the cracks. this is a pair of Oilily-inspired stash-busting Piggy Mittens for my enthusiastic three year old cousin. unlike my previous Piggy Mittens these ones will actually be documented before they go to their new home.

what i should be doing, above everything else, is polishing off the patterns for my Naive Socks (This Must Be The Socks) and my Sea Mineral Mittens, as i hope to have both patterns ready for public consumption by the end of next week! look out!

ETA: my apologies to those who are still waiting for Ravelry invites, but if you're already a member and would like to queue up my soon-to-be-released patterns, feel free to do so! Here are their links:

Naive Socks (This Must Be The Socks)
Sea Mineral Mittens