Let me show you socks.

Heavy Sock Knitting has resumed Chez Spilly and here are the most recent products of my labour:

The first Kuzunoha Monkey:

The first Pomatomus (aka Fish Sock):

now to stave off any and all New Projects til they are paired with their yet-to-be-knit mates. this may require more than a little willpower on my part.

one exception, however, has been allowed to squeeze through the cracks. this is a pair of Oilily-inspired stash-busting Piggy Mittens for my enthusiastic three year old cousin. unlike my previous Piggy Mittens these ones will actually be documented before they go to their new home.

what i should be doing, above everything else, is polishing off the patterns for my Naive Socks (This Must Be The Socks) and my Sea Mineral Mittens, as i hope to have both patterns ready for public consumption by the end of next week! look out!

ETA: my apologies to those who are still waiting for Ravelry invites, but if you're already a member and would like to queue up my soon-to-be-released patterns, feel free to do so! Here are their links:

Naive Socks (This Must Be The Socks)
Sea Mineral Mittens


Adriana said...

An update! I don't believe my eyes!
The Sea Monkeys look awesome! You did the alternate version with knit stitches instead of purls, right?
And the fishy sock continues to look gorgeous. Your knits make my dyes look great.
Can't wait to see the piggy mitts!

Sarah said...

Love the changes you made to these socks! I need to knit faster on my WIPs so I can cast-on for my own pair. The yarn is equally beautiful:)

Anonymous said...

i came from ravelry looking for naive socks, i love them and the piggy mittens!

June said...

Your fish socks are fabulous! Can you tell me the yarn and color you are using? (Do you mind?) I would love to make some like this!

Anonymous said...

I love those patterns, did you maket them up or did you get them from somewhere because I would love to try them.

Unknown said...

loyal-lorac -- They are both from www.knitty.com.