New things

New bag:Banshee, by Suede & Co. Ample and lovely and grey. Grey is currently my favourite colour.

New Scarf-in-Progress:Basic chevron pattern + random bits = Scrappy Scarfy. I still haven't decided if I'm going to keep him or if he's going to take up residence in my Etsy shop.

Other current things:

Reading: Soul Music by Terry Pratchett
Listening: Cagedbaby -- Forced

Now I'm off to invent French toast popovers.


Adriana said...

I love Soul Music. Have you seen the cartoon?

Erin Wallace said...

Oh to that purse! I love grey, too!

karen said...

Nice bag and nice scarf!!

Lulu said...

hooray for Terry Pratchett! My favorite is Guards, Guards!

Destack said...

Agreed- grey is the BEST color. I always point out that there's an ugly shade of purple, red, green, and brown- but there is no ugly shade of grey. The coziest and most versatile and most beautiful color there is.