On the way to socks.

Check it on out -- handspun socks, just waiting to happen......eventually. That pile of yarn is all my bits of handspun that I've been working on this past week. As usual, I think I've overdone it (that's a shocker,) and I suspect that that's enough fingering-weight handspun to produce a couple of pairs. I just like having enough colour variation that I can go wherever my mood takes me.

And just because we haven't seen it in a while (and because I'm feeling charitable,) here's a better shot of that corner of my stu g.o.:It's coming together...slowly. My poor shelving unit remains woefully underused, housing only the merest bits of the stash and projects that have floated to the surface. There's more, believe me.


Azura said...

Ah, exposed yarn. Clearly you don't have a cat ;)

Anonymous said...

Love the look of the colored yarn on your white shelves. A thing of beauty!!!!