Chicago: by threes

Yesterday I returned from my third three-day trip to Chicago in nine (3x3) months. Such auspicious numbers could only add up to a fabulous time and sure enough the universe smiled upon me. It was a lovely visit.

I now offer you nine select images of this most recent trip. Hopefully this will make up for the pictures that I didn't take the last time.

Left to right: Marina City; 330 North Wabash; Trump International Hotel and Tower Chicago as seen from the River.

My feet standing on one of the handful of remaining wood block alleys that date from the mid-nineteenth century. Count those tree rings!

My knitting-bedecked room (Room 810) at the Hotel Indigo Chicago. Yes, I squealed when I saw it.

Vintage signage at Wrigley Field.

A view of the gorgeous, gorgeous, Carbide & Carbon Building, now the Hard Rock Hotel Chicago.

Lunch at Sheffield's. This shot reminds me of a Van Gogh cafe scene (I suspect it's the lights and the server's pose.)

Breakfast at Elly's Pancake House, fine purveyors of such delights as black cherry blintzes (which are wonderful,) at all hours of the day and night. I love the decor to distraction (and back.)

And finally, two details of Florine Stettheimer's fantastic Portrait of Virgil Thomson, which is simply amazing to experience in person. I could've stared at it for the better part of the afternoon. Alas, my attentions were required elsewhere.

While away, I did manage to sneak in some knitting time, and I have a nearly-completed Flamingo mitten to show for it. Expect the pattern soon.


Adriana said...

Looks like a fabulous trip! We're probably going to Chicago in November so you'll have to tell me your favourite haunts.

Ruth said...

Ooooh, lovely! We went to Chicago last year and loved it. Your pictures brought back some memories and gave me some ideas for our next visit!

Jodi said...

Glad to hear you enjoyed our city! Great photos, btw.

I used to live right near Sheffield's (up until 3 months ago), so it was a treat to see it pop up on your blog. Neat hotel -- I'll have to recommend it to visitors.

JelliDonut said...

LOVE your hotel room. That is very cool!

easily distracted said...

Ooo, you were here! I'm glad you enjoyed our fair city!

Anonymous said...

I love the shot of lunch, I agree with your comment about it resembling a painting. I just read "Luncheon of the Boating Party" by Susan Vreeland (I think that is her last name), it is about Renoir and the friends of his who posed for that painting and what was happening in all their lives during the months he did the painting, it makes me think of that.

Maryse said...

These pictures are beautiful! Glad to hear you enjoyed this trip! Look forward to seeing your new flamingo mitten! Have a great weekend!

Andrea said...

Great pictures! I've only been to Chicago once but it's such a great city! I definitely want to go back.