Everything but...

...a mitten. yes, i am still keen on the Sea Mineral mittens--if only the yarn would get here! it should arrive soemtime this week. as such, it will only complicate matters.

i've been attempting to tie up some loose ends (read: finish the things that can be realistically be finished before commencement of new complicated project,) but it hasn't been working very well. the project i'm closest to finishing is the first of the Checks and Charms mittens. i actually picked it up the other day and knit another inch or two on the freaking thing before it made me very, very angry (the reasons for which may have something to do with how Jane never bothered learning how to knit different colours with different hands and how she has no patience for tangled working yarns.) did i mention i'm about an inch from the finger decreases and i simply can not make myself finish this mitten?! i don't even want to think about the camouflaged thumb--so elegant! so annoying to work!! somehow, i don't think these sentiments that i'm having are boding well for a prospective Latvian mitten. c'mon, yarn, any day now...

ok, how about a picture of something that i have managed to complete (relatively) recently:

it's the first of the Queen of Cups socks. it really didn't take that long to work through; those large lace repeats really eat up the inches. which is why i'm not too concerned that, at present, the second sock looks like this:

it'll get there, i know it will. all i have to do is pick it up a little more often that i have been lately.

this might have something to do with the Queen-of-Cups neglect:

yes, a new sock on metal needles. i loathe metal needles. i had purposefully tied up my bamboo dpns with the second Queen of Cups sock to prevent such activity. i was nearly convinced that it was working until i saw these and was suddenly inspired to do away with that errant ball of blue superwash and the bits of koigu hanging around in my snagglin' box. these will be short summer socks, what you see here is a 5" sock leg waiting for a properly worked short row heel (i'm getting it this time, i swear!) in a striking break with tradition, the second sock will mirror this one--this will be a first for my crazy springtime sock experiments.

and just because it's been a while, here's a current picture of Birch:

the third repeat is done; the rows are getting shorter and faster to work. the pattern is near second nature to me now! i must remember to pick it up every now and then to get it down to an even more manageable size. did i mention that when i actually do i look like i've been snuggling a duck egg blue-coloured goat?


Heather G. said...

I missed the reason the new mittens are called Sea Mineral.

Queen O' Cups looks fantastico! How does the sock feel on foot? Is the pattern stretchy at all? I ADORE those stripy socks. I was actually looking at Eunny's pair today! Are hers leftovers from those Entrelac Stockings?

(I have had this weird entrelac itch lately... somebody stop me!)

spillyjane said...

now that i think of it, i don't think i explained the Sea Mineral moniker. it's not really all that glamourous. i bought this Life Brand Spa ultra-hydrating body creme (the one in the tub) not too long ago. anyway, it's this pale, buttery yellow colour that i've since totally fallen for (it's everywhere i look,) and the wavy blue/white/yellow pattern on the label has also reeled me in. that's where i got the inspiration for the palette. the name "Sea Mineral" was chosen because it sounds a lot nicer than "Algae."

yes, the Q of C socks feel wonderful on! the pattern has a LOT of stretch to it, more than my foot actually requires.

glad you like the striped socks! i don't know if Eunny's socks are knit from leftovers, though that blue does remind me of her Entrelac Stockings. it could very well be the same yarn.

how bad can entrelac be, really?

Adriana said...

The stripey sock is so cute! And the QofC is very glamorous. Birch looks stunning. It's going to be amazing when it's done.