I've got a sock...

...well, almost:

There's a new sock pattern in the works -- the Trestle Socks. Available in two separate yarn weights and needle sizes (fingering and sport; 2.75 mm and 3.25 mm,) wonderfully gender-spanning (socks for everyone!) and easily sized up (because everyone has an awful lot of feet and some are bound to be larger than others.) These socks were inspired by select railway architecture of Athens, GA which I had the opportunity to visit this past summer.

The sock in the picture up there is, perhaps unfortunately, not long for this world. I keep knitting, inspecting, ripping, knitting and re-working the pattern as I go along. The charts are finished (I think,) unless I go ahead and do something totally crazy-go-nuts on the foot. I'll keep you posted.

Those of you who are on the watch for the Piggy Mittens, take heart! The pattern is going to turn up at some point this weekend, in plenty of time for Christmas gifts. It could be up tomorrow before noon or at 11 pm EST on Sunday evening but it will be up within the next two days. Just to let you know. :)


Adriana said...

The sock looks exciting! And I can't wait to see the mitten pattern, not that I'll be knitting it anytime soon but I do enjoy reading patterns... wow, that sounded really weird. I'm definitely a geek.

Why can't writing essays be more fun?

Unraveling Sophia said...

Let me be the first to say... HOORAY!!