Three whole days.

I can't believe it either, but look what I finished yesterday:

This gives me hope that the second sock will knit up just as fast, but still I fear the Second Sock Thing a-knockin'. I'm fairly sure that the allure of being able to actually wear these socks will help me overcome this.

Since I'm using Telemark (which is not the recommended yarn,) and since I didn't bother to swatch beforehand (which is just me living dangerously,) I've had to make a few tiny adjustments to my final sock. Luckily, blessedly, I'm getting stitch gauge but not row gauge. This, as I've been told, is not always something to worry about, one merely adds or subtracts rows as needed. So before I forget, and on the off-chance that someone would like to make their own pair of Snowflake Socks in Telemark (two balls of each colour will make one pair of socks,) here's what I did:

Heel Flap: Stopped to turn heel after there were 11 chain sts on either side of the flap rather than the prescribed 14. Ended up picking up 14 sts total on either side (13 sts + m1 to close up gap between gusset and instep) so all the gusset decreases were on track as per the pattern.

Foot: Knit one full rep of snowflake pattern and then knit first 7 rows again rather than knitting the last rep all the way to row 13. Had done as the pattern said and tried it on to find that my toes were already covered. Ripped back to the end of row 7 and prepared to start the toe from there. Knit 1 row in MC and then started toe decs on the very next row, in CC.

Toe: Changed the toe decreases. Realized that my row gauge wasn't going to play nice with the toe as written, so I did the following:

Rnd 1: *k7, ssk, k5*
Rnd 2: k all sts
Rnd 3: *k7, ssk, k4*
Rnd 4: k all sts
Rnd 5: *k7, ssk, k3*
Rnd 6: *k7, ssk, k2*
Rnd 7: *k7, ssk, k1*
Rnd 8: *k7, ssk*
Rnd 9: *k6, k2tog*
Rnd 10: *k5, k2tog*
Rnd 11: *k4, k2tog*
Rnd 12: *k3, k2tog* -- 16 sts rem.
Graft toe, weave in ends.

Ultimately, the toe ended up a bit more stubby than the ones I usually knit, but the fit is fine, so I don't mind too much. Now if only that second sock would knit itself!


Adriana said...

Wow, that is so gorgeous! Colourwork seems to just fly off the needles. Good luck with the second sock.

maitai said...

ohhhh pretty!! i love green!

Jodi said...

Beautiful! It makes me think of ski lodges, hot cocoa, and relaxing in front of the fire.

jenni said...

Those are so cute! I may have to do a pair myself!

Cynthia said...

They look great! You cannot allow yourself second sock syndrome; these are way too nice not to get done!

Bertha said...

Whoa, dude that looks awesome!

crafty_kat said...

*blinks* I just looked for the heart button...I think I'm on Ravelry too much lol

Seriously though, I love it! You must finish the second sock, pronto! It deserves a partner!

Christabel said...

So sweet! That is one awesome sock.

gail said...

What lovely socks. I've not made colorwork socks yet because socks are my purse knitting--for when I have a few minutes and don't need to carry a pattern. But, your socks make me want to make them.