Mittens, both finished and Finnish.

The first Folky Mitten (Ravelry link) is done:
Please note that this is the palm side of the mitten -- find that thumb! I am also pleased to report that I'm nearly up to the finger decreases on the second one. There will be no talk of the ten million ends that need to be sewn in. None.

Being nearly finished a pair of mittens is a very fortunate place to be for all concerned, really. Look what came in the mail last week:
This is the much-coveted Haavisto mitten book, originally published in Finland way back in the middle of the last century. Naturally, I fell in love with it at first sight.

Now the challenge was how to actually get my hands on the book. I knew it was in Finnish (which I unfortunately can't read) but had fantastic charts, and I had picked up in passing that it was out of print. Ok, I thought, this might complicate things a little. This is clearly evidence of how the Internet and its ability to provide me with myriad far-flung rarities has skewed my perception.

Imagine my shock and amazement when I read (in my own mitten community, of all places!) that Anne (Ravelry link) -- she blogs here -- had access to reprinted copies of the book and was offering to send them to mitten enthusiasts around the globe. I immeadiately contacted her and in a few short days (Finnish post is fast!) I had my copy in my hands. It is a fabulous book, and I expect it to keep me busy for quite some time. Socks may even end up taking a back seat to mittens this summer.


Adriana said...

Wow, that thumb is hard to find! Now that I have a mini stash of Palette you might need to design a mitten for me to knit. I can't wait to make an invisible thumb.

That's so exciting that you were able to get your hands on that book. The internet truly is an amazing place.

Anonymous said...

I found the thumb - but it wasn't easy! Your mittens are a work of art - it will be so much fun to wear them!


HennHouse said...

Beautiful! Could you post a picture of the mitten on your hand. I am curious to see the fit. Thanks.

Rosemary aka fabricfan said...

I think you and your knitting are amazing. I have a Finish embroidery book. I don't read Finish either, but I can tell that you like a good puzzle oor problem to solve.

Ann said...

The mitten is fantastic. You did such a great job that the thumb is so well hidden.

AnneM said...

Oh, took time to find the thumb ,) I also noticed, that in this Finnish book is same kind of pattern than in your mitten in a photo ;)