A sneaky peek.

I'm so glad you came
I'm so glad you remembered
the walking through walls in the heart of December...

~"Last Dance," The CureNew sock! Better pictures are on the way. This one's called Heart of December (Ravlery link.) I blame Robert Smith. This is not the first time he's turned up in my knitting (please pardon my Rav-link.)

But back to the sock! This is a new pattern of mine, which will be released into the wild before Thursday, 20 November 2008, in plenty of time for you to bang out a pair for your holiday knitting. Seriously, it's been a long time since I've knit a sock that was this much fun. I just couldn't put it down, it was that enjoyable.

As always, stay tuned for more sock-info.


Adriana said...

Wow! Absolutely gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful sock.

Jackie said...

Love the socks, very pretty