NaKniMitMo, pt. 4: Bavarois!

The new mittens grew a bit today -- look!They've also acquired a name: Bavarois. Yes, that's a a dessert -- here's a recipe. Yes, I would like to try some.

Back to the mitten. I am in serious danger of actually finishing this mitten tonight! At the very least, I will polish it off tomorrow. And then...the second mitten. Wow, if there's one thing that this NaKniMitMo KAL is good for, it's getting me to actually knit the mates to my mitts. This is not a bad thing! It's nice to put a project "to bed" every once in a while!


Anonymous said...

Girl, you are on FIRE with your mittens. I hope that someday I can be as monogamous and project-driven a knitter as you!

Adriana said...

Yummm... you need to come here with your pretty mittens and we shall have a Bavarois party!

Carol said...

Wow that stitch is cool!

Melly said...

Greetings from Bavaria!
I just love love love what you are creating there! Go for it Girl!
Can't wait to see this pattern written out and knit it up!
Way to go!
love and hugs