Startitis at Pittsworth

We're suffering from a nasty case of Startitis over here at Pittsworth Manor these days. Look! I have proof:It's a new mitten! Well, it's a mitten knit (so far) up to the thumb, at any rate. It's a cute, quick little pattern that I've taken to calling Psychic Hearts. I think it might be safe to say that it's the first (and only) knitting pattern named for a Thurston Moore song.

Yes, I have Thurston on the brain, having just seen Sonic Youth this past Monday night. Oh, it was an amazing show! It took my right ear until Wednesday to fully recover. I haven't had that sort of painful fun at a show since I saw Spiritualized last September. I'm seriously considering wearing earplugs at concerts from now on.

In any event, I hope to polish this mitten off soon (maybe tomorrow?) and release the pattern shortly thereafter. Maybe I'll even do some kind of crazy sale on the new pattern, in celebration of those of us who love knitting our mittens, even if it is July. We'll see.


Adriana said...

Won't someone think of your eardrums?!?! Wear the earplugs next time! We want you to be hearing us for the next hundred years or so :)

Also, super cute mitten. I like how the hearts are so subtle.

knit nurse said...

That is a seriously lovely pattern! And the colour choice is inspired - colours I would never have picked but they seem to be made for one another!

Momo3Reds said...

What a sweet mitten! Cannot wait! Well...I guess I can, but I'm anxious.

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