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New socks:These are a new pair of Bavarian (Austrian?) twisted-stitch socks. Please note that I am knitting both of them simultaneously. I have a very good reason for doing so -- and that reason is that I am simply dying to design/knit a new pair of Bavarian (Austrian??) twisted-stitch gauntlets. The fact that this has entered the house isn't helping my willpower much.Yes, it's an innocent enough (boring enough?) ball of grey yarn, but it's calling to me. Hence both sets of US 4 dpns are busily holding two socks-in-progress. No gauntlets until at least one (preferably both) socks are complete!

Of course, temtpation lurks in every gauge. I've been fending these off for quite some time:VINTAGE SELBU MITTENS. The reason I haven't dived into these yet is twofold: firstly, that I've been too busy designing and mitten pattern-writing, and finally, because it has taken me so long to settle on colours. I may have to take a cue from the sample and go with the ivory/off-white option, in the interests of matching my soon-to-be new scarf.

Ah yes, the scarf. It occurred to me this afternoon that I am beyond weary of all of the handknit scarves that I currently have in my possession, and that I simply can not bear to wear them again this season. Hence, the search for this year's Perfect Scarf is on.

As it currently stands, the Perfect Scarf is a veritable snowdrift of an accessory. I figure I'll go big and cushy (and maybe hit something close to couture? Maybe??) seeing as I have two skeins of this on hand, and no other plans for it:Yes. Now to get knitting.

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Katie K said...

Looks like you're expecting a very cold winter.