Home and away and back again

It's official -- The Garden is Bigger than All of Us. The peppers are especially prolific (and photogenic):Those are Super Chili (remember them?), Cayenne, Serrano, Jalapeno and Hot Portugal peppers. Someone may have gotten a little bit carried away in the hot pepper section of the garden centre.

There are also all kinds of interesting people to meet out in The-Bigger-than-All-of-Us Garden, such as this Fellow (Lady? I never can tell with bugs):
Hello! You have lovely beady-looking compound eyes, Mr./Ms. Mantis!

In knitting news, progress continues on the Strawberry socks:I'll also have you know that we are mere days away from their pattern release.

Progress has also begun on Clerkenwell, the new socks for Gentlemen:I've decided that just about everything looks three times better when it's photographed at Czehoski. Oh, and I kinneared Mick there (it was my first time):What a charming little place...and the fact that it's a mere three doors down from Romni Wools? You Torontonians really are fortunate.


JelliDonut said...

Great photos!

Maryse said...

Nice photos! That reminds me I have some peppers ready myself! I should look for a good way to use them. What do you do with yours?

Carla said...

The peppers are gorgeous!
And your little praying friend is a male. Skinny little things are males. Those with a nice round tummy are females. He's obviously looking for a mate; hope he's not eaten!

Firefly said...

Last time we were in Toronto, my husband waited (almost patiently) for me in Czehoski while I dithered around Romni Wools in overwhelmed bewilderment. What a yarn store, eh ;-)?