Am reading a book; an actual physical book.  It has a cover and pages made of paper covered with words printed in actual ink.  It only does one thing and that is be a book and tell a story.
I hold it close to my face and flick through the pages quickly, as I have always done.  I smell the smell that so thrilled me as a child - the combined scents of paper and ink; the smell of the bookstore at the smallish mall that I could walk to from my childhood home.  It is the smell of many happy hours to come. It smells wonderful.


Elaine said...

Thank you!!! Let's hear it for a real book with paper that smells of ink or whatever, that you can read or put down at your leisure and that can go into your bag to go along with you.

Miranda Zambon said...

I'm looking to get some of this myself... it smells of books.


Lita said...

I love the smell of books, too -- and the memories associated.

Found you on Ravelry Blog Comment Train.


purejuice said...

this is an especially awesome book. what good taste you have -- the purple and green mittens of a later entry are the perfect proof!